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DJ & Staff Page
These are our MRX Staff members

SIVAR "Dr. Hardcore"
The sane crazy man

Genre: Hardcore Metal

Position: Owner / Lead DJ

Quote: Rock'em Hard, Rock'em Fast, Metal Forever

Mistress Witchem
A taste of the UK flair

Genre: Metal, Hard Rock, and Local

Position: DJ (ON LEAVE)

Quote: Come to the dark side, we have cookies!


He's not dead yet

Genre: Death Metal, Hair Metal, and Local Metal

Position: You know were not exactly sure what he does here...

Quote: Eat corn the long way.

Killer Grin

The Mass Offender

Genre: Alternative Rock and Metal

Position: DJ (ON LEAVE)

Quote: I know this isn't good for me but I feel great!

Rev. Nosferatu
 He is the thing that goes bump in the night

Genre: Metal of all types

Position: Ranter

Quote: Embrace the darkness and avoid the light.


QT the news babe


Genre: Metal of all types

Position: News Babe

Quote: Stop staring at my tits, I have a face you know.

Ben Gallie
CyberMan... DELETE!

Genre: All Metal and Hard Rock

Position: Webmaster Supreme / Video Editor

Quote: You want me to do WHAT?! No.

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